Mrs. Phean Channa

Mrs. Phean Channa, aged 31, lives in Kdey village, Prey Tahou commune, Krong Stoeung Sen, Kompong Thom province. Mrs. Channa is a widow, and she has a daughter. She runs a micro business by selling groceries and gasoline.Mrs. Channa borrowed money from HKL four cycles. In cycle one; she received a $400 loan to repair her house. Mrs. Channa, in the second cycle, got a $1,200 loan to purchase groceries stored for reselling. After that she, in cycle three, borrowed $1,500 to repair her house in the next step and buy devices used in a hairdressing salon. Next, in the fourth cycle, she decided to borrow $2,000 more to purchase additional groceries stored for reselling due to her expansion of business activities.In the future, Mrs. Phean Channa wishes to expand her business to be larger than this, especially her daughter study at college.

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Achievement YTD 31 Mar 2018
Number of Office 173
Headquarter 1
Total Number of Staff 3,265
Male 2,228
Female 1,037
Loan Outstanding USD 630 M
Number of Active Borrower 128,990
Deposit USD 384 M
Active Customer 226,136
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