Fast Payment

Fast Payment is a newly launched financial service by National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) in cooperation with commercial banks and microfinance deposit taking institutes to provide convenience for customer in performing fund transfer and payment in Khmer Riel across partnered banks and microfinances.

T & C   Detail  
Currency   KHR  
Maximum amount per transaction   KHR 40M.  
Service charge   Amount Fee
    ≤ KHR 4M. KHR 4,000
    KHR 4M. - KHR 20M.  KHR 8,000
    KHR 20M. - KHR 40M. KHR12,000
Cost bearer   The sender is the one who spend for the transfer fee  
Requirement   Receiver shall have a saving account at one of partner commercial banks or MDIs.  
Commercial banks and MDIs   Banks: ACLEDA, ABA Bank, Cambodia Public Bank, Canadian Bank, Phillip Bank,Sathapana Bank.
MDIs: Hattha Kaksekar Limited,Prasac, AMK, Amret, Kredit and Vision Fund.

Note: These offers are subjected to change without prior notice.

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