CEO Message

2016 proved to be another high growth year for HKL despite several challenges and was also the year that Hattha Kaksekar Limited became a subsidiary of Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited (Krungsri), the 5th largest commercial bank in Thailand.   

Performance Achievement 
HKL total financial incomes rose by 27% to USD 81 Million from USD 64 Million with the support from the loan growth and effective loan quality management. Gross loan portfolio grew by 22% to USD 445 Million from USD 363 Million.
  • The non-performing loan ratio has been maintained at 0.62% in 2016, resulting from the good result in loan quality in most of the branches and management of loan quality at all branches with less than 1% of non-performing loan ratio.
  • HKL has increased saving & deposit portfolio of 51% from USD 238 Million to USD 360 Million.
  • Return on equity achieved 20.27%.
  • Net interest income rose 18% to USD 46 million from USD 39 million.  Operating expenses rose 21% from USD 24 million to USD 29 million which were well managed upon the budget on the back of the financial and operational constant growth plan as well as the result of the acquiring and supporting professional staff, training, staff capacity development and performance-based incentives to support higher productivity and profitability.
  • On the back bone of stable growth plan and performance achievement, HKL has reached net profit after tax of USD 12.8 million.             
Service Quality & Clients Satisfaction and Protection
HKL keeps improving the service quality from time to time. On annual basis, regular clients’ satisfaction survey has been conducted. A number of findings and prioritized focus has been dealt such as on loan procedure to faster the service, service improvement at counter, and products pricing review. Moreover, HKL obtained Smart Campaign certification in June 2016 certified that HKL has embedded the relevant principles into the policies and practice, upon the universally respected and required standards of Client Protection Principles. The clients of Smart Campaign certified institution are privileged with the care on the 7 principles:  (1) Appropriate product design and delivery, (2) Prevention of over-indebtedness, (3) Transparency, (4) Responsible pricing, (5) Fair & respectful treatment of clients, (6) Privacy of client data, and (7) Mechanism for complaints resolution.  
Office Network and Product Development 
In 2016, HKL’s office network grew to 153 offices, bringing our financial services closer to the population and substantially increasing our catchment area. HKL has been offering a comprehensive range of financial products: Loan: loan to individual business, Small  & Medium Enterprises, Green Loan, Students Loan; Saving & Deposits, Local Money Transfer, ATM, Mobile Banking, Bill Payment. HKL has installed 21 more ATMs in 2016, bringing our total number of ATMs by the end of 2016 to 123 ATMs within 25 provinces and capital city, which can serve customers 24 hours per day, seven days per week and 365 days a year, including on national holidays and public holidays.
With HKL ATMs customers can do the transactions at any time, such as balance inquiries, mini statements, inter account transfers, remittance/transfers, loan payments, collection services and mobile phone top-ups. 
HKL has expanded sale of micro insurance for health and accident insurance partnering with PKMI to 28 branches.
Industry Prospect 
With the stable economic growth forecasted in year 2017 of 7% plus and Cambodia is reaching to lower middle income country in 2016, HKL has prospected for another constant growth in loan with quality and saving portfolio, increase of numbers of savers and depositors, friendly uses of ATMs, and mobile banking subscribers, strong internal control, compliance to regulations, and improvement of clients’ satisfaction.    
2017 Strategic Direction
  • Continue adopting and improving the financial accounting system of IFRS.
  • Grow loan portfolio with more balance for each key products supported by more branch network and credit officers.
  • Reduce cost of fund by attracting more low cost deposits.
  • Strengthen risk management and compliance at all regulations.
  • Improve operational excellence and controllership.
Giving Thanks
On behalf of management and myself, I would like to thank all stakeholders of Hattha Kaksekar Limited for their contribution to the successes of the company. I would personally like to thank the retiring board members; Mr. Erik Peter Geurts, Mr. Eelco Mol, Mr. Tor G. Gull and Mr. Pak Sereivathana who did a good job in the board of director level for the development of the company and thank the previous shareholders who always supported the company from the beginning. We are profoundly grateful for the loyalty of our customers, the trust of our partners and associates, and the support of the National Bank of Cambodia, the Ministry of Commerce and the other regulators that have guided us over the years.
My heartfelt thanks to our new Chairman, board members and shareholder for their guidance, support, and for entrusting the management team to continue to lead HKL. Similarly, my thanks also to my fellow management colleagues and staff for their support and commitment in steering Hattha Kaksekar Limited forward to a long future growth and sustainability. 
Hout Ieng Tong
President & CEO  

Annual Report 2016
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Achievement YTD 30 June 2018
Number of Office 178
Headquarter 1
Total Number of Staff 3,353
Male 2,306
Female 1,047
Loan Outstanding USD 660 M
Number of Active Borrower 135,345
Deposit USD 409 M
Active Customer 227,679
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