Hattha Kaksekar Limited as a New Member of Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri Group)

Phnom Penh 19 Oct 2016: Hattha Kaksekar Limited, a leading microfinance institution in Cambodia, has officially announced their success in integrating with Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri Group), one of the top commercial banks in Thailand. The remarkable event was celebrated on 19 October 2016, with present of many honorable guests at the venue of Sofitel Phukeetra Phnom Penh.

To start with, OknhaHoutIeng Tong, CEO of HatthaKaksekar Limited,​opened the evening with his warm welcome toward managements and event participants. He on behalf of the company expressed profound thank to all stakeholders and related parties who had put in lots of effort and contribution in making the integration process completed successfully. Together with, OknhaHoutIeng Tong illustrated highlight and crucial stags of merging process since beginning until the end. He moreover shared company’s vision and commitment after joining Krungsri Group and MUFG. He stated that “for the last 2 decades ago, HKL has been developed significantly. With a strong commitment from staffs, advisors, management team and stakeholder, HKL has transformed ourselves from a food security project to be a top microfinance institution in Cambodia market. We has put our priority in making sure that result of business operation meets company’s core value, vision and mission. By now, there have been many achievements accomplished respecting to designed plans and objectives of the company. Today is a new milestone for HKL, which we have become a part of international company-Krugsri Group and MUFG. We are confident that this integration will bring many benefits to HKL and especially HKL’s clients, who will be offered new products and services with new experience in financial services.”

According to Mr. Noriaki Goto CEO of Krungsri Group, HKL would become a stronger financial institution after being a part of Krungsri Group. Krungsri would support HKL in growing its business with a more robust operating platform and enhance HKL’s capabilities to create new business segments. Among these, Krungsri would provide support for new business development and marketing initiatives, share our expertise in Microfinance, SME and Retail & Consumer Banking products, and facilitate the development of more robust risk and IT infrastructures, as well as transfer know-how and career opportunities to HKL employees at both ASEAN and global arenas. This partnership with HKL reflected the long term commitment of Krungsri to HKL and to the Cambodian economy. And most importantly, our responsible practices and corporate social responsibility initiatives would remain unchanged.

Before button pressing and launching ceremony, H.E Chea Chanto Governor of National Bank of Cambodia took the opportunity to welcome the integration between the two companies. He personally saw positive impacts to Cambodia financial industry as well as Cambodian people, whom would receive more options and benefit from the services provider. His Excellency was invited to be a witness and key person to press button, acknowledging the successfully complete of HKL-Krungsri integration. After all remarks from distinguished management and guest, the event was followed by entertainment show along with dinner in a joyful atmosphere.


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