Hattha Kaksekar Limited “I love beautiful city”

Siem Reap, February 09, 2019—Hattha Kaksekar Limited (HKL), one of the leading MFIs with more than 20-year experience in Cambodia, organizes a social event “I love beautiful City” in the honor of Mr. Bo Mengtry, Deputy Governor of Krung Siem Reap, along with senior management of HKL, employees of HKL, as well as the journalists—almost 400 participants. The project mainly focuses on cleaning environment and the handover of the sitting benches to Krung Siem Reap for public interest and the beauty of the city.
Mr. Mech SokmetreyChief Business Officer of HKL, said that, “it’s not the first time that Hattha Kaksekar conducts the social event. We have done a lot. We built the health centers, built education buildings, constructed wells, donated education materials, and shared financial knowledge to the students and our clients. The social event today proves that Hattha Kaksekar always pays great attention to the improvement of social welfare in Cambodia”. Also, he expresses his sincere thanks to governor and deputy governor of Krung Siem Reap, and the local authorities for their endorsement to ensure that this project can move smoothly. 
Mr. Bo Mengtry, Deputy Governor of Krung Siem Reap, expressed his appreciation to Hattha Kaksekar for spending time and financial support, and raising the employees’ spirit to the social work. He added that, “I am really thankful to the senior management and employees of Hattha Kaksekar for their time and financial contribution to social development; especially, social event today and the donation of sitting benches to Krung Siem Reap for serving the public.” He hopes the private companies will take this as a role model and foster Corporate Social Responsibility and Social support. 
In 2019, Hattha kaksekar is implementing more social projects aiming at joining the royal government to improve the livelihood of Cambodians. 

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