Environmental and Social Protection
With the commitment toward supporting the no-harm to the environment and society, HKL has undertaken the assessment of business purposes of borrowers to ensure their business practices to be financed would have not posed or will not pose any impact to the safety and health of people, environment and labor. 33,885 households with USD 287 Million loan amount have been reviewed in 2016 with the environmental and social exclusion list and assessed against the environmental and social impact.​​ Comparing to previous year, the medium level of E&S risk have dropped 0.9%, while the high risk has increased 0.4%, in which HKL could well managed and closely monitored for the risk mitigation upon the regular follow up of clients business activities.

As a result, the medium and high level of E&S risks have dropped 1%, and 0% respectively in 2016 compared to 2015; which reveals HKL’s clients business have less impacts on environment and society than last year. High Risk Business is still monitor closely and medium risk mitigate regarding the regular follow up of clients’ business activities.

In 2016, its environmental and social risk has been reviewed and minimal with the remarkable result: the air pollution of environmental risk has declined 0.89%, personal injury of health risk has declined 1.36%; and bad working condition of labor risk has declined 1.91% in 2016 compared to 2015. 
Beside the social and environmental protection toward its borrowers financed, HKL also has its own practice to ensure the consumption of material, energy and water supply has been managed, proved with reasons and proper tracking.

Clients are well-protected
With the development of the policy and guideline and training to staff on the matter of how clients are well protected, HKL has been certified by “Smart Campaign” certification program in June 2016 in the aspect of fulfillment of Client Protection Principles. HKL has ensured clients know their right to do and perform the followings: (1) Appropriate product design and delivery, (2) Prevention of over-indebtedness, (3) Transparency, (4) Responsible pricing, (5) Fair & respectful treatment of clients, (6) Privacy of client data, and (7) Mechanism for complaints resolution. 

Corporate Social Responsibilities
HKL has not only incorporated social and environmental activities into its business and operations, but has also extended its areas of social responsibility to the communities:
  • Road Traffic Law Awareness Campaign: HKL’s members of 20 people have been trained on new traffic law, enabling them to lead the HKL’s group members to participate in educating people on the reinforcement of “Helmet Wearing” and “Respect of the traffic law”, through the verbal comment and key message on the leaflet distributed in Sihanouk Ville by HKL’s members of around 250 people, to around 540 passengers.
  • Personal & household financial education program: not only HKL has provided the financial services to clients, HKL has also uplifted the financial education of clients and non-clinets to improve their knowledge on why and how they should manage their finance effectively. HKL has adopted 3 categoried program for the personal & household financial education as follows:
    • Financial Education Training of Trainer Program: In order to support the plan on financial education program dissemination to targeted audiences(high school students and HKL's employees), Financial Education Training of Trainers of 20 members have been trained in order to team up for the conduct of the workshop and further develop other HKL’s members.
    • Financial Education for Clients: With the continuous conduct of financial literacy program adopted from Planet Finance, HKL’s operators at Prey Chhor Branch have educated the clients and achieved 60 participants in 2016.
    • Financial Education Workshop for Youth: HKL has conducted the financial education workshop for university students, targeting young generation for the motivation manage their money wisely and the ethics in money management hence to become more aware of financial risks and opportunities, avoid over-indebtedness, and achieve their financial goal. In 2016, we have reached the targeted students of 1,530 students in Phnom Penh.
  • Gift to Women Staff on International Women's Day: An embroidery cloth was given to 738 female employees of HKL. It is demonstrating that HKL’s management is paying much attention to promote gender’s equity. In addition, the management has always supported, encouraged, and motivated female members for the opportunity in higher position, or in management level, in HKL.
  • HKL’s Football Championship 2016: Football Champion has been set up for health, friendship and solidarity sense, enabling the strong team work within the regional network to compete for the best champion in Phnom Penh.
  • Phnom Penh International Half Marathon: For the healthy and active lifestyle, 60 HKL’s members have participated in the 6th Phnom Penh International Half Marathon as an international sporting event, supported by HKL.
  • Environmental Education Support: HKL has supported the environmental education program conducted to target the high school students on behavior changing toward energy saving in their daily life.  The program has been organized in Pouk District, Siem Reap province with 250 students participated. The program got the students involved in producing the electrical energy through their own energy; hence keep their mind of how hard the electrical energy could be produced. We believe the students will save energy and remind other family’s members to save the energy as well.

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